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Katy Koehler
Katy Koehler 5.0

Chris came out and was wonderful! Professional, kind, clean and efficient. He quickly addressed the problems and repaired them thoroughly. I have used JT Plumbing in the past and will continue to use them. They give excellent service. A bit pricey but I ...think all plumbers are. I'm grateful for their help! šŸ‘Read More...

P K 5.0
Anthony Lucero
Anthony Lucero 5.0
Rosemary Martinez
Rosemary Martinez 5.0

Sylvester was polite, professional, informative, we could not be more pleased with his service. He was right on time according to the timeline, let us know right when he would be arriving. We are very pleased with his service. Thank you!

Chris Rieber
Chris Rieber 5.0
David Dowdle
David Dowdle 5.0
Lezlee Oxton
Lezlee Oxton 5.0

JT Plumbing was able to send out a service tech within 24 hours to look at our boiler which had seemingly stopped heating one bedroom. Corbin was obviously very knowledgeable about our type of system, quick and professional. He helped us better ...understand how the system worked in the different rooms. No repair needed. He did notice that a valve on the boiler was too tight and loosened it which should allow the air pressure in the lines to equalize. This took care of a nose problem that had been bothering me! It's been a long time since someone came out for any service without trying to sell us new appliances or additional repairs. Well done.Read More...

Rikki Callantine
Rikki Callantine 5.0
Peter Lengsfelder
Peter Lengsfelder 5.0

Greg took a mess of a badly plumbed kitchen sink AND a new but faulty water heater, and solved everything professionally and with a smile. I will definitely use JT Plumbing the next time I have any plumbing issues.

Lindy Vaughn
Lindy Vaughn 5.0

I called J.T. Plumbing yesterday afternoon because my water heater wasn't working and they were able to get someone out this morning. Sylvester did a great job. I ended up going with a new water heater for various reasons, and I was charged the exact ...price that was quoted to me. I wanted the new heater installed in a different location than the previous, so he had to move gas lines, water lines, duct work, change valves, etc., and I was not charged extra for this, which is fantastic. I'm very happy with their work and professionalism and will definitely be using them in the future.Read More...

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